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September 8th, 2020
LIVE Webinar
10am-12pm PST
*If we receive less than 10 registrants for the training, we will be forced to cancel. Purchasers will be offered a full refund, or can transfer their employees to a future training. 

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Here' a quick sneak peak of the training! 

New CA Law Requires Harassment Training by Jan 1, 2021  

Recent legislation mandates that California employers with 5 or more employees MUST provide harassment prevention training to their entire workforce. 

This course is required by California law, SB1300, and must occur by Jan 1, 2021. It requires one hour training for employees and two hours for managers and supervisors. 

This live, interactive training will help you meet the requirements of the law, AND it will help you create a respectful work environment

Not only will employees, managers, supervisors and owners learn about harassment and what to do about it, they will gain skills to engage in civil, respectful behaviors at work. After all, civility is the key to harassment prevention.


  • Define incivility, abusive conduct, discrimination, and harassment; and their damaging impact
  • Discuss harassment based on race, religion, disability, sex, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation
  • Use a variety of methods for stepping in immediately when witnessing or experiencing inappropriate behavior
  • Describe how to report complaints, and their role in promoting a workplace free of harassment
  • Discuss what constitutes retaliation
  • Review scenarios and examples in the cannabis industry, and select the appropriate course of action


  • Understand risk factors and reinforcers of harassment and ways to reduce them
  • Discuss how to handle complaints effectively  
  • Learn how to coach and stop employees who are engaging in incivility, bullying or harassment
  • Discuss how to proactively create a workplace culture that is built on respect and open communication  


1. How long is the training? The law requires that employees attend an hour training, and supervisory employees attend two hours. Our training is two hours – everyone should attend the first hour, and any supervisors or managers should stay for the second hour. 2. With so many harassment trainers out there, what makes this training unique? The training will provide more insight than what’s required by law, as we discuss additional tools for building a respectful environment. In other words, it will give you the tools for true harassment prevention. 3. Will I need to prove to regulators that our workforce is trained by Jan 1? You will need to prove it if a harassment claim is filed against you or your business. The plaintiff’s attorney will subpoena your records. Not doing the required training makes winning your case much more difficult. 4. Will I receive records of attendance? Yes. You will receive a report from us listing all attendees from your business and their sign in and sign out times.

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Catherine Mattice Zundel, CEO of Civility Partners

Catherine is a consultant and trainer who assists organizations in developing systemic action plans to build positive corporate cultures. An expert in workplace bullying and harassment, Catherine has helped organizations ranging from Fortune 500's to small businesses, nonprofits and government agencies, create a positive work environment. She has also appeared on NPR and CNN and in USA Today, Forbes and other major venues as an expert.

Civility Partners is a full service HR firm offering assessments, consulting, coaching, training, background screening, and HR outsourcing. The organization and it's employees are committed to helping your organization meet its goals by partnering with you to develop and deliver systemic solutions to negative workplace behaviors.